The media say Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City

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The media say Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City are keeping an eye on Gabi’s future.

Premier League giants Liverpool. Along with Manchester United and Manchester City interest in Barcelona’s talented midfielder Gabi’s current situation following reports. That he will out of the squad.

That all three clubs have turned their attention to the 18-year-old’s situation after Spanish media revealed that His first-team registration with Barca is ‘null and void’. Which will affect his future career as well.

Last January, Barcelona attempted to include Kavi in ​​their player registrations as they switched from youth to first-team status. This will help with the club’s wage expenditure and have a positive effect on their struggling finances.

However, the registration was rejected by La Liga and Azulgrana appeal to the commercial court of the city. They won the case and were able to successfully register the youngster into the first team. But Spain’s top division has once again appealed against the decision. And according to the latest reports, it appears that the City Commercial Court has reversed its decision by voiding the registration of the players.

As a result, he will not be able to play in Barcelona’s first team until the summer. When they re-register. And if this is not achiev. The contract signed until 2026 will void and will immediately make him a free agent.

That is why there is a renewed interest in the situation of Gabi from the three giants Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, who have plans to overhaul the midfield simultaneously in the market. trade this summer In particular, Jurgen Klopp’s team is looking for a top-level player to improve the team from a failed performance this season. In addition to Gabi, there is also Jude Bellingham at is another main target.