Cholo admits Real Madrid is stronger than 3 months ago.

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Diego Simeone believes Real Madrid will improve from their meeting three months ago when Atletico beat the Whites 3-1 football game.

‘El Cholo’ Diego Simeone, the manager of Atletico Madrid admits that. His rival Real Madrid is better than when they met three months ago after the Atletico team was the first club to impose. The first and only defeat on the Liga stage this season was to our city rivals. Before facing each other in the first semi-final of the Supercopa de Espana this Wednesday. According to a report from ‘Diario AS’ on Tuesday UFABET 

Atletico Madrid should play with confidence. Because they are the only team to defeat Real Madrid this season after opening the Estadio Civitas Metropolitano arena. Beat the white team with a score of 3-1 in September. Meanwhile, the Atletico team is hoping to win the Supercopa de Espana for the first time in a decade. 

‘In the game there were Real Madrid players who were not ready to play. And tomorrow they will upgrade their structure as a team. That will increase their level of play,’ Simeone said of his rivals. ‘This game was three months ago. It’s another game, another time. We will play the game we think we have to play now in the season. This time’

With Atletico Madrid in Riyadh, Simeone was asked about the possibility of his players being approached by a Saudi Arabian club this month and next summer. But the Argentinian trainer seems more relaxed about the matter.

‘In principle, no (I’m not worried about it) but there’s always a possibility. There are always players who can be lured. If it happens. We will see what is best for the club, the team and the players.’ Simeone said.