Casino fishing game, fun to play, good profit

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Casino fishing game, fun to play, good profit

Things you should know about online fish shooting games

  1. The principle of playing fish shooting games  is that you shoot fish that swim into the screen to die. If a fish dies, you get a payout equal to the fish’s price multiplied by the ammo price or the money you bet.
  2. The difficulty of the game is that there are a large number of fish swimming on the screen. And large fish have a chance to die hard. You may end up spending more money on ammunition than you need or shoot until the fish is dead. So left to shoot fish in the middle price. Accumulating money would be better.
  3. The fish in the game will have different scores. Most of the small fish. That found often have less scores than the big fish that are not long ago. As for the mortality rate, small fish will die more easily than fish with less bullets. big
  4. Remember that every bullet fired is your money. If you shoot a die-hard fish, you will probably end up paying a lot of money. So don’t miss out on calculating the price of the fish and the value of the ammunition to see if it’s worth the investment. Online fish shooting games at UFABET.

Online fish shooting games are very popular

Due to their eye-catching color schemes. Exciting excitement and a fun and uncomplicated way of playing like other gambling games. Playing fish shooting games, you can set your own winnings and losses. No need to compete with the dealer or win points, win numbers like card games like baccarat, blackjack, or number guessing fishing game games like roulette. You only have to shoot the fish you want to die. You will reward easily. And this makes everyone who has tried fish shooting games fall in love with this kind of game.

fishing game made for absolute relaxation. Because for the gameplay you can set your own win-lose outcome. And it’s a game that’s more fun to play as some games have a lot of fish to shoot. And each fish has a different price. Some games have special rewards such as treasure boxes that you can choose to open for bigger rewards. In addition, in the game there are also cool items such as electric shock jellyfish, explosive crabs, drill crabs. Which if you hit them will get help to shoot for more money.

Another advantage of fish shooting games is that Even if you bet the lowest you can win big. Because in the game. The reward is calculate using the price of the ammunition you fire multiplied by the price of that fish. For example If you choose 5 baht per bullet and shoot a fish that costs X10. You will receive a reward of 5X10 = 50 baht.